One of the greatest tragedies is when child abuse happens. Unfortunately, child abuse can be found all over the world. Child abuse shows its head in many different ways. It is not always easy to spot and yet it must be stopped. Together we can make a difference. It can begin with you.

Child abuse knows no boundaries. It happens to children born into poverty and wealth. Many children are abused at the hands of their own parents or care providers. There are many reasons for child abuse. Parents are stressed, don’t understand how to handle anger, have drug and alcohol issues and more. Children who are neglected from love, care and food are abused. It is horrific the things that happen to children. More and more we are hearing about a once silenced form of child abuse; molestation of a child. And these cruel acts often come from those closest to the child.

All of this can be stopped. It begins with education and people standing up for the innocent. It is you business if you sense a child is being abused. Do not turn the other way. Do not stop caring or think it is not your business. You can call your local town children services department and tell them about your concern. Even if you only suspect a child is not being fed, is being hurt, or is in a dangerous situation they can take your information and document your concerns. When enough people care and speak up change will happen. Your information will be kept private.

Children are lives richest resource. They are precious and priceless. Every child deserves to be protected and it can only begin with each of us doing our part.