Children’s Fashion

If you are looking for fashionable clothing for your girl or boy this fall, you will no doubt be intrigued by the latest popular fashions. In fact, it looks like reto-80′s is the latest thing. If you were a child or teen during the 1980′s, you might find that clothes shopping takes you back to your childhood! Vests, flouncy skirts, colorful leggings, plaid shorts, and polo shirts are on the racks in stores across the country.

If you are looking for girls clothes, you will no doubt notice that bright colors, leggings, and vests are very popular. Your daughter may even want a pair of neon hi-top sneakers to go with her new outfit just like you did way back when you were a youngster. Black is a very popular color this year, as are neon colors. Purple is also another popular color for girls this year.

Skirts are also popular this year. Some skirts are meant to be worn with leggings or jeggings underneath the skirt. Other skirts, which might have layers of ruffles, are meant to be worn alone.

Boys clothes are little bit more subdued. Plaid bermuda shorts and pants are very popular along with t-shirts. Your son might want to pick up a few pairs of khaki pants to use for a slightly dressier look. Polo shirts are also popular for a more dressy look. Some polo shirts are striped and others are just plain in color. If your son likes an even more formal look, he can pair a polo shirt with a vest. Popular colors for boys this year are black, dark blue and green.

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