The perfect fit, Baby Carrier Guide

For any mother baby slings and baby carriers are a functional way to manage the everyday ins and outs of life with a child in tow. They are available in a surprising array of styles, each with its own benefits and unique design. Babies are notoriously in love with them and many mothers have found a snuggle in a baby carrier can lend to several hours of quiet peaceful bliss.

The general types of baby carriers are front harnesses, slings and back harnesses. Within those basic three there are other more specific options:

- Front harnesses can come in the papoose, wraparound, Asian carrier, front ring sling or basic front harness styles. Front harnesses are one of the more popular options. However, they can be hard on the back if care is not paid to getting a well designed model.

- Baby slings are basically just that. They typically come in side or front models. Something to note is that for a hip sling, also called a side sling, there can be an issue with fitting in spaces that are more confined like elevators. Some people believe anything that requires wrapping to be a sling, so when shopping for a sling keep that in mind to ensure acquisition of the sort of sling desired.

- Back harnesses are perhaps the easiest on the back, causing the least pain over extended periods of carrying. They also allow the ability to carry much older children, while for some of the other carrier types, after one year old, it can be more of a challenge. Types of back harness carriers are the Asian carrier backpack and general back harness.

There are also options of usage design. Some carrier manufactures make light weight more breathable models for summer, extended use models, models that allow the baby to sit facing forward or toward the mother and even carriers that function as both front and back harnesses or other combinations. When putting a child in a baby carrier it is best to research well and make a choice based on safety and comfort for both mother and baby. After all, it will be carrying the most precious of cargo.

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