How To Buy Children’s Bedroom Furniture

childrens bedroom furnitureWhen buying childrens furniture, look for pieces that are sturdy, safe and functional. While keeping those features in mind, coordinate new pieces with existing bedroom furniture. For practicality, it’s also a good idea to choose furniture that will grow with the child. This means choosing age appropriate furniture, which offers the ability to be used for more than one or two years.

Wood is a good choice for night tables and dressers, although corners should be rounded with no sharp edges, especially for toddlers’ rooms. Childrens beds come in various character designs, as well as bunk bed styles for two children to share. Little boys seem to love the race car beds, while girls often go for the fairytale styles. Most young girls love canopy style beds, and this design can make a child feel like a princess. Be certain the bed platform has locking mechanism for safety, and the canopy is well constructed.

A child’s armoire or wardrobe is equally important, as this furniture can be stylish and attractive as well as functional. For a room with plenty of closet space, an armoire may not be necessary, although a chest of drawers or bureau is very practical.

Another essential piece of furniture for a child’s room is a toy box. It’s common to find children’s toy boxes in many styles and colors. Some toy boxes are designed to be used as seating, with a hinged lid that opens for storage. Be sure to buy a toy box that is sturdy and safe for the age of the child it is intended for.

Bookcases and desks are very functional pieces of furniture for most kids’ rooms. School-aged children should have a desk in the bedroom that can accommodate their school projects and homework. Older children might benefit from a computer desk with hutch, to store a computer or laptop. Colorful revolving bookcases are great for toddlers and pre-school aged children.

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