Bathing Newborn Baby

Bath time is a time to establish links, play with your baby, and of course, sanitize very gently. Here are some tips and information that may help you to have fun while you’re washing your baby, as well as to feel closer to your child when they share this time together.

Wash the diaper area after each bowel movement or after the baby has urinated, bathing two or three days a week is more than enough. You should wash daily and very gently and carefully wet areas that are particularly more than others, which are greasy or dirty is more, the diaper area, the face, neck and skin folds.

Some health professionals suggest waiting until the umbilical cord falls off or until the circumcision has healed area to give your baby / a a bath.
Before you begin, make sure you have all the equipment they need to carry out this task fun and beautiful:
Mild soap
Baby Shampoo
Cotton balls
Hooded towel
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton Swabs
Clean clothes

Giving a sponge bath
First, wash your baby’s face with warm water, especially the area located behind the ears and under his chin.
Wash the little chest, arms and hands of your baby, making sure to carefully clean the area located between the toes. If you use a mild soap and a cotton ball or a sprig of cleanliness, these areas should be removed immediately to avoid dry or irritate them.
Gently wash the baby’s back. With a washcloth or towel usually very soft and warm, dry very gently the upper body and your baby. If you rub her body very vigorously, may irritate your skin.
Wash the genital area, starting from front to back, then legs and feet, especially the area that lies between the toes of the feet. Then, very gently wipe the bottom of the baby’s little body.
To wash your baby’s hair, pour a little water on top of your head, using a washcloth. Apply a few drops of baby shampoo (a formula that will not irritate your eyes) and carefully massage the scalp. Do not worry about the most gentle and sensitive area of the head, and that it is protected under the scalp, and you can not damage it, if the question very gently. Remove all traces of shampoo, using a washcloth wet with warm water.
When finished bathing, dry your baby thoroughly with a towel and then put a clean diaper and clothes freshly laundered.
Giving a bath
It could become easier for you to wash your baby’s hair before sitting in the bathtub. First, hold your baby against your body and pour a little water on top of your head, using a washcloth. After that, apply a few drops of baby shampoo (one whose formula will not irritate your eyes) and gently massage the scalp of your child Remove all traces of shampoo with a washcloth wet with warm water. Dry gently, but thoroughly that area so that your baby is not a cold fish.
To be able to put your baby in the tub, hold her shoulders with one hand and his legs or tail with the other. Although the baby cries, which will probably be the first times bathed, continue talking until you can sit in the bath and so can feel more comfortable and protected. (Do these first baths very quickly if your baby feel uncomfortable).
While bathing your baby, place one of his hands under his armpits so that his head is kept upright and out of the water, and use your other hand to bathe, then rinse the front of the body of her baby.
After that, wash and rinse the back of her body.
Once your baby is clean, rinse, place it gently on a towel and dry with great care and love. Put a clean diaper and clothes freshly laundered.

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