Emotional Development of a Child

Emotional development of a child can begin even before birth, as the developing fetus hears the mother’s voice and other external stimulation. Once born, the infant requires touch and care for proper emotional development. Infants who are not handled enough will experience slow growth and development, and are less likely to thrive. Infants who receive proper care and attention bloom, and begin to develop emotional ties to their caregiver, and begin their social interaction.

Trust is a very important emotion, and the developing infant looks to the parent or main caregiver for assistance in managing their budding emotions. They experience happiness, fright, pain, distress, hunger, and other feelings that need attention. A responsive caregiver helps the child learn to socialize in a positive manner, and to look to other humans for care and response. They enjoy looking at faces, and gaze deeply into the parent’s eyes with trusting admiration. The parent will soothe the fussy baby, and handle them softly with caring touch. Infants express a preference for certain people, and fear of others.

The infant’s early emotional development is essential to the growing child as they learn and grow. Socialization skills are learned by experience and opportunity. The caregivers need to provide appropriate stimulation and opportunity for socialization to the growing child. Basic rules of life are learned well before the age of five, and set the mood for future emotional health. A preschooler needs to learn to relate to others, to share, and to enjoy games. Once in school, the child must deal with being one of many in a group situation, and to be emotionally ready to fit into that different situation. What the parents teach, the child will imitate. An unfortunate childhood can be unraveled later, and possibly fixed. Loving care can create emotionally stable children.

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