Find a good Babysitter

You’re a mother, but that does not mean you are not in addition have a life of its own. A night at the movies, a weekend or an afternoon at the Veluwe to the hairdresser should also be able to if you have 3 children. All you need is a good and (cheap) babysitter!

What do you want for a babysitter?

You can choose from a casual babysitter, that’s usually someone die careful to make some extra money. An informal nanny is a nanny or babysitter who is not officially registered as a childminder and has no authorization. The cost of the nanny are therefore not covered under the Child Care Act. The advantage is that the cost of a nanny is a lot less informal than the formal nanny.

Besides a casual babysitter you also have the formal babysitter (or carer). This babysitter has registered with an approved childminder agency and therefore should meet certain quality standards. If you choose a formal babysitter, you are eligible for a reimbursement of costs through the Child Care Act babysitter. Click here to go to the website of the tax to go directly to calculate how many you get back for childcare. Registered childminder may also create a grandfather, grandmother or his neighbor.

Think before you start looking for a nanny too good or you want someone who will watch every week or just someone on call on your children fit.

At number 1 for finding a good babysitter is still always finding a nanny through via. Tell your friends, family, school, etc. that you need a babysitter, chances are someone in your path. The advantage of through the grapevine is that social control is through your friends / family.

If you know anyone in your environment is the Internet a good way to find a babysitter. Here you have a bit more careful and only with good websites take the plunge. For formal babysitter (host parents), please contact some good childminding agencies. For an informal babysitter have websites at and

Another way is an advertisement for a house-to-house magazine sites.

What should you look

If it’s your children, you better not go into the sea with the first best babysitter.

Meet the nanny when the children there too, because you can immediately see how they deal with children. Gives the nanny real attention to the kids? If you like the nanny, it’s wise for her a few hours test run with you around, so you can explain everything right and see how your children deal with the babysitter.

Also advisable to contact the family, where the babysitter has worked previously. So you find out how this birth and whether any difficulties.

Is your gut feeling? Mothers are the best “feel” or something ok. Listen also to doubt yourself and go looking for another babysitter.

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