Proper Growth of Children

Growing up is the single-most preoccupying task that children have, without any exception. The task at hand ensures that children are constantly absorbing information as their brains form those vital linkages that in psychology are called cognitive functions. For these cognitive functions to grow at a steady step, the child must be exposed to a learning environment that fosters these connections while nurturing the child’s other lower functions, such as psycho-motor skills, social skills and language skills.

Exposing a child to an active and stimulating environment spurs on their growth but also increases their interest in matters pertaining life. For example, if you allow a child to play often in the backyard, they inadvertently become naturalists as they observe bugs, flowers and small animals in their natural environment. Concomitantly, if you place a child indoors and allow them to play with stimulating games such as Fisher Price games and learning tools, then they are more prone to build their cognitive functions faster than a child who has nothing to stimulate their grwth curve.

Another excellent method of teaching children or encouraging/fostering their proper growth is through cartoons. Now, there are some cartoons that do nothing for children, and these include adult cartoons that have sophisticated dialog and plots, which most children cannot comprehend. On the flip side, when they are exposed to more juvenile cartoons such as Beyblade, they are able to put together the simple themes and plots within the cartoons and begin to develop rudimentary understanding of what is going on.

Exposure to these conducive atmospheres for learning are however a small aspect of the larger picture. Parents and guardians have a very important role to play in the proper growth of children. In the examples given above, it behooves the parent or guardian to ensure that there is a balance in how much time the child spends engaged in any which option above. This will make for a well-balanced and socially adjusted child. On the flip side, if the child spends too much time in front of a television or computer watching cartoons and playing games, they lose out on social adjustment and this may in the end impact negatively on the proper growth of that child.

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