Tips for Choosing a Breast Pump


For new moms who choose to breastfeed, the initial stages of breastfeeding can seem to be a difficult and time-consuming process. To make the experience easier and more efficient, many new moms choose to purchase a breast pump.

When purchasing a breast pump, there are many things to consider. After all, breast pumps do not come cheap and you want to be sure that you invest in one that you will get use out of. First, decide if you are going to be using your breast pump on a regular or occasional basis.

If using on a regular basis, you will benefit from an electric breast pump. This will make the collection of breast milk must faster and easier and also keeps the hands free. Electric breast pumps are ideal for moms who are returning to work or are choosing to breastfeed exclusively.

If choosing to use on an occasional basis, a manual breast pump will be adequate. Keep in mind that while manual pumps are cheaper in price, they are slower and require the use of your hands. Manual breast pumps are ideal for moms who choose to express a bottle of milk a few days a week or for an occasional night out.

Whether you are unsure if you want to exclusively breastfeed or invest in an electric breast pump, renting a pump can also be an option. Check with your local hospital to see if you can rent a breast pump for a few months. This will allow you time to decide if an electric breast pump is for you, without spending too much money.

When using the breast pumps, be sure to use lanolin cream to minimize chafing and keep the area soft. Be sure to relax, as this will help with letdown and make the process easier. If possible, pump both breasts at the same time to relieve any engorgement and maximize your milk supply.

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