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Children’s drawings


Children’s drawings are much more than just a drawing or artwork for your child. Children’s drawings provide a wealth of information about the experiences and child development. Drawing is one way of the child to express, what is in the child’s head about. Also give a picture of children’s development of motor skills of the young child.
Drawing is often seen as a hobby, a fun enjoyable experience for the child. Most young children love to draw pictures. Signs alone is more than just fun. Our children while drawing are telling their own story. It is an important tool to develop motor skills, a good mastery of fine motor skills.

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How to teach your baby to walk


Between 12 and 15 months
There are large individual differences, but the norm is that children begin to walk when they are between 9 and 18 months.

Most people take their first steps sometime between 12 and 15 months.
Nobody has a clear answer on exactly what is needed for the baby takes its first steps.

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Find a good Babysitter

You’re a mother, but that does not mean you are not in addition have a life of its own. A night at the movies, a weekend or an afternoon at the Veluwe to the hairdresser should also be able to if you have 3 children. All you need is a good and (cheap) babysitter!

What do you want for a babysitter?

You can choose from a casual babysitter, that’s usually someone die careful to make some extra money. An informal nanny is a nanny or babysitter who is not officially registered as a childminder and has no authorization. The cost of the nanny are therefore not covered under the Child Care Act. The advantage is that the cost of a nanny is a lot less informal than the formal nanny.

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12wk baby

When dealing with fertility it helps to know if you have any specific problems. Filling out a complete history of your health will make it possible to choose the best natural fertility herbs for you. Since 200 A.D., Chinese herbalists have used herbs for many problems including fertility. Treating men and women both, the use of herbs has increased through the years.

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Proper Growth of Children

Growing up is the single-most preoccupying task that children have, without any exception. The task at hand ensures that children are constantly absorbing information as their brains form those vital linkages that in psychology are called cognitive functions. For these cognitive functions to grow at a steady step, the child must be exposed to a learning environment that fosters these connections while nurturing the child’s other lower functions, such as psycho-motor skills, social skills and language skills.

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Emotional Development of a Child

Emotional development of a child can begin even before birth, as the developing fetus hears the mother’s voice and other external stimulation. Once born, the infant requires touch and care for proper emotional development. Infants who are not handled enough will experience slow growth and development, and are less likely to thrive. Infants who receive proper care and attention bloom, and begin to develop emotional ties to their caregiver, and begin their social interaction.

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Preparation For a Child’s First Day Care Experience

Leaving a child with a caregiver at a childcare facility is the first step a parent takes towards helping the child be independent. This does not mean that the child no longer needs the parent, but he gets a chance to meet the world outside his home environment. It advances his social skills, sharpens his creativity and puts into good use his brain from his early age.

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Become a Teacher

A teacher is a very responsible decision when it comes to the future of the nation. It is through your hands that nurtured young talent, which helps in creating successful and well-informed mind to the nation forward. If you are a teacher, then you need to know if you have the qualities to become a teacher worden.Als you are satisfied that your character and personality is meant for this job, you can find out the procedure to follow to become a teacher be.

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Benefits Of Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding provides several benefits for both you and your baby. But the best part is the joyful bonding with your baby that occurs during the act of breastfeeding. Making the decision to breastfeed is a matter of personal choice, but today more mothers are choosing to breastfeed their babies.

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Lithium battery hazards


Children love interacting with toys that produce lights and sounds, so it is no surprise that they would become fascinated with batteries. Objects often end up in a child’s mouth almost immediately after initial discovery, which attributes to the fact that choking has always been a huge safety hazard. Choking is one of the leading causes of death among young children.

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