Childhood Friends mum and baby Sat, 01 Nov 2014 11:19:26 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Personalized Santa Letters /2014/11/personalized-santa-letters/ /2014/11/personalized-santa-letters/#comments Sat, 01 Nov 2014 11:19:26 +0000 /?p=294 Simply ignite your child’s imagination this year with personalized Santa letters and free video greeting. Package From Santa has a gold package (with free shipping) your child will receive a Santa letters, complete with Santa’s special North Pole return address label, a gold foil label addressed to your child, and stamped with a genuine North Pole stamp.
Not to mention that every personalized Santa letters includes a free video greeting made just for your child. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to watch your child’s face light up when they see Santa Claus himself tell them they are on the nice list this year and he will be stopping by your house on Christmas.
So let the wonder, glory, and happiness of Christmas enter your house early this year by ordering a Santa letters package today and watch the eyes of your child light up with joy at the anticipation of this most wonderful holiday season.

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Tutoring /2014/07/tutoring/ /2014/07/tutoring/#comments Mon, 28 Jul 2014 11:52:03 +0000 /?p=307 Pupils are often isolated and separated in school. The teacher must teach the curriculum at a certain speed, which is too high for some students. For the class to admit they do not understand the substance is often difficult. What can you do to the ever-decreasing results of the student?

Home tutoring
More and more companies specialize in providing home tutoring for the students. The companies have a number of teachers, or ‘study coaches “, that have sufficient expertise to help a student. Study Coaches can re-explain the material, additional exercises and help with homework for a given subject. This gives the student intensive instruction at their own pace, in their own familiar surroundings.

Home tutoring is also often used by individuals. These can be teachers with online masters degrees in education, but also college or university students who have a good knowledge of a particular subject and want to earn some extra lessons. A certified teacher as a parent you will pay more than a student who comes to help your child, while the they will probably do better job with child. The benefit to students who provide tutoring is that they are closer to their own school and are aware that a pupil does not always benefit from a complex and technical explanations.

Tutoring in engineering
There are also frequent consultancies where the student can go to get extra information about certain subject. This can be in small groups or individually. The disadvantage is that the engineering student quickly a school feeling “and maybe will get will be less enthusiasm for his studies problem. Engineering students in the other hand it will always taught by qualified teachers who have a thorough knowledge of the matter and didactics.
Engineering study also frequently have more than one private tutoring provider. They usually have the same textbooks as the pupil, so the lesson can be better prepared.

Inform the school
If your child receives tutoring, at home or in a department, it might be appropriate or relevant school teacher informed reception. Via a notebook, the teacher and study coach each other informed of the matter, the progress and results, and can also share additional exercises. If your child would rather not have the whole class knows that he gets tutoring, you can ask the teacher to handle this discreetly.

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Children’s drawings /2014/07/childrens-drawings/ /2014/07/childrens-drawings/#comments Sat, 26 Jul 2014 11:41:37 +0000 /?p=304 Children’s drawings are much more than just a drawing or artwork for your child. Children’s drawings provide a wealth of information about the experiences and child development. Drawing is one way of the child to express, what is in the child’s head about. Also give a picture of children’s development of motor skills of the young child.
Drawing is often seen as a hobby, a fun enjoyable experience for the child. Most young children love to draw pictures. Signs alone is more than just fun. Our children while drawing are telling their own story. It is an important tool to develop motor skills, a good mastery of fine motor skills.

The way children is drawing shows their emotional world. There are many symbols that typically occur in some feelings at certain ages and age-related problems. Children’s telling you about their life. In the first years of life, all the drawings that children make are absolutely identical and therefore not culture-bound. Like learning to walk or cleanliness are the age limits are flexible. Attach the drawings for us adults often seem to just get some scratching will form that we can distinguish. We will also distinguish in girls ‘and boys’ drawings.
Signs Unlimited
Once a toddler could grab a piece of chalk, it will do the drawing. This will happen around the age of about 2 years. At first the drawings seem no more than arbitrary lines on paper, but there’s definitely in shape. The first drawings of the child is “boundless” marks. The child will is not limited to paper, but regular peaks on the border. The motor has not yet developed sufficient control over the child the crayon / pencil. Where a child’s third birthday uitluitend “boundless” drawings produced, this may indicate a developmental or spastic draw. It would also be able to indicate any traumatic experiences. The child was the “boundless” signs like the Pleasant flight.

From one year or two, you see that many children will draw oval circles. The child draws no longer on the edges, but limited to the paper. This oval symobol means security and protection. The circle also speaks “I want to hear”. Later additions of these drawings have stripes, which are the suns. Children draw the sun from inside to outside, from outside to inside. The rays symbolize the interaction of the child with the world around them. The Suns signed will first center on the paper yet, but when the child reached the fourth year, the “suns” shift to the top of the sheet. The way Sun draws a toddler has to do with the degree to which the child separate from the mother. When a child to his fifth year of life suns signed middle of the sheet, this may be due to an incomplete separation process.

Coils are constructed primarily between the ages of two and four years. These spirals symoliseren the development and growth of the child. It also called the no-stress phase, in which children of that age are in order. In contemporary art symbolyseert the spiral form is often a development, a transitional step or a desire to it.
Around the third year, children begin to draw dots. These occur when flashing I-consciousness. Dots are often put on paper and rhythmic singing zoms children themselves in this process. Despite the often chaotic arrangement of the farthing dip dots in order and to hold the concentration. Dots with the child tries to tell here I am.
Then the child draws diligently circle and tries to be fully opened.
Slowly, the whirling movements become more relaxed.
Striving for more balance follows. By keeping your balance standing in the room. This allows the infant by drawing crosses. Intersections symbolize actively go against a situation. Crosses will be drawn mainly aged between three and six years. When children outside this age crossing signs, it means that the child is a choice staarst or frustrated.
Drawing on crosses move often marked by a circle with a line attached to it. The line crosses the circle, however. This picture symbolizes “wanting to belong”.

From age four, children will consciously organize their paper and the colors will be chosen consciously. It will also clearly figurative draw.

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How to teach your baby to walk /2014/07/how-to-teach-your-baby-to-walk/ /2014/07/how-to-teach-your-baby-to-walk/#comments Tue, 22 Jul 2014 11:38:50 +0000 /?p=301 Between 12 and 15 months
There are large individual differences, but the norm is that children begin to walk when they are between 9 and 18 months.

Most people take their first steps sometime between 12 and 15 months.
Nobody has a clear answer on exactly what is needed for the baby takes its first steps.

Strength and control

Babies should have the strength, control and stability in the hips. In addition, they must have control of the neck to adjust the balance. They must also have established coordination with every arm and leg. This is the same movement patterns they learn when the crabs or eels forward on the floor.
First, children go with arms up to get better balance. They go in standing position, using all forces and all concentration to go. Eventually, they put the arms down. When they discover that they can bring toys from place to place, and they could not do it when they were crawling. To beginners toes are often pointing in many strange directions, but straightens out when they get better control of time.

Personality and temperament also had an impact in addition to have the fine motor skills.
Children have a different point at which they release themselves. It is perhaps the best that the motor learning is individual. Some throw themselves into new challenges, some are practicing a lot and others will be sure that they master something before they try something new.
Older siblings can be a great motivator.
But that does not mean that the siblings begin to go at the same time.
Motor is in the genes, and you can see that the siblings in some cases have the same motor development. But there are also some examples of the opposite.
The baby’s size is not of great importance. Large babies with proper temperament and motivation may go earlier than light babies.

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Bathing Newborn Baby /2014/07/bathing-newborn-baby/ /2014/07/bathing-newborn-baby/#comments Mon, 21 Jul 2014 11:25:26 +0000 /?p=299 Bath time is a time to establish links, play with your baby, and of course, sanitize very gently. Here are some tips and information that may help you to have fun while you’re washing your baby, as well as to feel closer to your child when they share this time together.

Wash the diaper area after each bowel movement or after the baby has urinated, bathing two or three days a week is more than enough. You should wash daily and very gently and carefully wet areas that are particularly more than others, which are greasy or dirty is more, the diaper area, the face, neck and skin folds.

Some health professionals suggest waiting until the umbilical cord falls off or until the circumcision has healed area to give your baby / a a bath.
Before you begin, make sure you have all the equipment they need to carry out this task fun and beautiful:
Mild soap
Baby Shampoo
Cotton balls
Hooded towel
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton Swabs
Clean clothes

Giving a sponge bath
First, wash your baby’s face with warm water, especially the area located behind the ears and under his chin.
Wash the little chest, arms and hands of your baby, making sure to carefully clean the area located between the toes. If you use a mild soap and a cotton ball or a sprig of cleanliness, these areas should be removed immediately to avoid dry or irritate them.
Gently wash the baby’s back. With a washcloth or towel usually very soft and warm, dry very gently the upper body and your baby. If you rub her body very vigorously, may irritate your skin.
Wash the genital area, starting from front to back, then legs and feet, especially the area that lies between the toes of the feet. Then, very gently wipe the bottom of the baby’s little body.
To wash your baby’s hair, pour a little water on top of your head, using a washcloth. Apply a few drops of baby shampoo (a formula that will not irritate your eyes) and carefully massage the scalp. Do not worry about the most gentle and sensitive area of the head, and that it is protected under the scalp, and you can not damage it, if the question very gently. Remove all traces of shampoo, using a washcloth wet with warm water.
When finished bathing, dry your baby thoroughly with a towel and then put a clean diaper and clothes freshly laundered.
Giving a bath
It could become easier for you to wash your baby’s hair before sitting in the bathtub. First, hold your baby against your body and pour a little water on top of your head, using a washcloth. After that, apply a few drops of baby shampoo (one whose formula will not irritate your eyes) and gently massage the scalp of your child Remove all traces of shampoo with a washcloth wet with warm water. Dry gently, but thoroughly that area so that your baby is not a cold fish.
To be able to put your baby in the tub, hold her shoulders with one hand and his legs or tail with the other. Although the baby cries, which will probably be the first times bathed, continue talking until you can sit in the bath and so can feel more comfortable and protected. (Do these first baths very quickly if your baby feel uncomfortable).
While bathing your baby, place one of his hands under his armpits so that his head is kept upright and out of the water, and use your other hand to bathe, then rinse the front of the body of her baby.
After that, wash and rinse the back of her body.
Once your baby is clean, rinse, place it gently on a towel and dry with great care and love. Put a clean diaper and clothes freshly laundered.

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Tips for Choosing a Breast Pump /2014/07/tips-for-choosing-a-breast-pump/ /2014/07/tips-for-choosing-a-breast-pump/#comments Thu, 17 Jul 2014 11:22:24 +0000 /?p=296 For new moms who choose to breastfeed, the initial stages of breastfeeding can seem to be a difficult and time-consuming process. To make the experience easier and more efficient, many new moms choose to purchase a breast pump.

When purchasing a breast pump, there are many things to consider. After all, breast pumps do not come cheap and you want to be sure that you invest in one that you will get use out of. First, decide if you are going to be using your breast pump on a regular or occasional basis.

If using on a regular basis, you will benefit from an electric breast pump. This will make the collection of breast milk must faster and easier and also keeps the hands free. Electric breast pumps are ideal for moms who are returning to work or are choosing to breastfeed exclusively.

If choosing to use on an occasional basis, a manual breast pump will be adequate. Keep in mind that while manual pumps are cheaper in price, they are slower and require the use of your hands. Manual breast pumps are ideal for moms who choose to express a bottle of milk a few days a week or for an occasional night out.

Whether you are unsure if you want to exclusively breastfeed or invest in an electric breast pump, renting a pump can also be an option. Check with your local hospital to see if you can rent a breast pump for a few months. This will allow you time to decide if an electric breast pump is for you, without spending too much money.

When using the breast pumps, be sure to use lanolin cream to minimize chafing and keep the area soft. Be sure to relax, as this will help with letdown and make the process easier. If possible, pump both breasts at the same time to relieve any engorgement and maximize your milk supply.

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Find a good Babysitter /2014/07/find-a-good-babysitter/ /2014/07/find-a-good-babysitter/#comments Fri, 11 Jul 2014 11:16:55 +0000 /?p=292 You’re a mother, but that does not mean you are not in addition have a life of its own. A night at the movies, a weekend or an afternoon at the Veluwe to the hairdresser should also be able to if you have 3 children. All you need is a good and (cheap) babysitter!

What do you want for a babysitter?

You can choose from a casual babysitter, that’s usually someone die careful to make some extra money. An informal nanny is a nanny or babysitter who is not officially registered as a childminder and has no authorization. The cost of the nanny are therefore not covered under the Child Care Act. The advantage is that the cost of a nanny is a lot less informal than the formal nanny.

Besides a casual babysitter you also have the formal babysitter (or carer). This babysitter has registered with an approved childminder agency and therefore should meet certain quality standards. If you choose a formal babysitter, you are eligible for a reimbursement of costs through the Child Care Act babysitter. Click here to go to the website of the tax to go directly to calculate how many you get back for childcare. Registered childminder may also create a grandfather, grandmother or his neighbor.

Think before you start looking for a nanny too good or you want someone who will watch every week or just someone on call on your children fit.

At number 1 for finding a good babysitter is still always finding a nanny through via. Tell your friends, family, school, etc. that you need a babysitter, chances are someone in your path. The advantage of through the grapevine is that social control is through your friends / family.

If you know anyone in your environment is the Internet a good way to find a babysitter. Here you have a bit more careful and only with good websites take the plunge. For formal babysitter (host parents), please contact some good childminding agencies. For an informal babysitter have websites at and

Another way is an advertisement for a house-to-house magazine sites.

What should you look

If it’s your children, you better not go into the sea with the first best babysitter.

Meet the nanny when the children there too, because you can immediately see how they deal with children. Gives the nanny real attention to the kids? If you like the nanny, it’s wise for her a few hours test run with you around, so you can explain everything right and see how your children deal with the babysitter.

Also advisable to contact the family, where the babysitter has worked previously. So you find out how this birth and whether any difficulties.

Is your gut feeling? Mothers are the best “feel” or something ok. Listen also to doubt yourself and go looking for another babysitter.

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Fertility /2014/07/fertility/ /2014/07/fertility/#comments Tue, 08 Jul 2014 11:02:20 +0000 /?p=289 When dealing with fertility it helps to know if you have any specific problems. Filling out a complete history of your health will make it possible to choose the best natural fertility herbs for you. Since 200 A.D., Chinese herbalists have used herbs for many problems including fertility. Treating men and women both, the use of herbs has increased through the years.

The treatment for men and women is different, but may include some of the same ingredients. The complex formulas usually contain over 15 ingredients, with no specific one considered the most important. Comprised mostly of fruits, barks, roots, leaves and flowers these natural fertility formulas sometimes contain animal parts, like deer antler and sea horses. When taken as prescribed, each specific ingredient blends with the others to help restore balance to your body. Pregnancy becomes more likely at this time.

The prescription may come in a variety of forms, including granules, teas or tablets. Your individual dosage could involve taking your prescription once daily or could go as high as three times a day, it depends on the formula. Another matter the herbalist will consider is your menstrual cycle, because you may need to increase or decrease the dosage on specific days. When taken over the specified period of time, the correct formula and dosage should help you get pregnant.

It may take from six months to a year, but the result makes it worth the wait. Remember the saying, Good things come to those that wait. Although, your herbalist cannot guarantee the success of their famouse natural fertility Queensland formulas, you will benefit in other ways. While taking your prescription you will notice changes taking place, which will include sleeping more restfully, having more energy, and feeling healthier emotionally. Check with your doctor first if you take prescription medication.

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Proper Growth of Children /2014/07/proper-growth-of-children/ /2014/07/proper-growth-of-children/#comments Sun, 06 Jul 2014 10:20:46 +0000 /?p=277 Growing up is the single-most preoccupying task that children have, without any exception. The task at hand ensures that children are constantly absorbing information as their brains form those vital linkages that in psychology are called cognitive functions. For these cognitive functions to grow at a steady step, the child must be exposed to a learning environment that fosters these connections while nurturing the child’s other lower functions, such as psycho-motor skills, social skills and language skills.

Exposing a child to an active and stimulating environment spurs on their growth but also increases their interest in matters pertaining life. For example, if you allow a child to play often in the backyard, they inadvertently become naturalists as they observe bugs, flowers and small animals in their natural environment. Concomitantly, if you place a child indoors and allow them to play with stimulating games such as Fisher Price games and learning tools, then they are more prone to build their cognitive functions faster than a child who has nothing to stimulate their grwth curve.

Another excellent method of teaching children or encouraging/fostering their proper growth is through cartoons. Now, there are some cartoons that do nothing for children, and these include adult cartoons that have sophisticated dialog and plots, which most children cannot comprehend. On the flip side, when they are exposed to more juvenile cartoons such as Beyblade, they are able to put together the simple themes and plots within the cartoons and begin to develop rudimentary understanding of what is going on.

Exposure to these conducive atmospheres for learning are however a small aspect of the larger picture. Parents and guardians have a very important role to play in the proper growth of children. In the examples given above, it behooves the parent or guardian to ensure that there is a balance in how much time the child spends engaged in any which option above. This will make for a well-balanced and socially adjusted child. On the flip side, if the child spends too much time in front of a television or computer watching cartoons and playing games, they lose out on social adjustment and this may in the end impact negatively on the proper growth of that child.

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Emotional Development of a Child /2014/07/emotional-development-of-a-child/ /2014/07/emotional-development-of-a-child/#comments Thu, 03 Jul 2014 10:55:41 +0000 /?p=287 Emotional development of a child can begin even before birth, as the developing fetus hears the mother’s voice and other external stimulation. Once born, the infant requires touch and care for proper emotional development. Infants who are not handled enough will experience slow growth and development, and are less likely to thrive. Infants who receive proper care and attention bloom, and begin to develop emotional ties to their caregiver, and begin their social interaction.

Trust is a very important emotion, and the developing infant looks to the parent or main caregiver for assistance in managing their budding emotions. They experience happiness, fright, pain, distress, hunger, and other feelings that need attention. A responsive caregiver helps the child learn to socialize in a positive manner, and to look to other humans for care and response. They enjoy looking at faces, and gaze deeply into the parent’s eyes with trusting admiration. The parent will soothe the fussy baby, and handle them softly with caring touch. Infants express a preference for certain people, and fear of others.

The infant’s early emotional development is essential to the growing child as they learn and grow. Socialization skills are learned by experience and opportunity. The caregivers need to provide appropriate stimulation and opportunity for socialization to the growing child. Basic rules of life are learned well before the age of five, and set the mood for future emotional health. A preschooler needs to learn to relate to others, to share, and to enjoy games. Once in school, the child must deal with being one of many in a group situation, and to be emotionally ready to fit into that different situation. What the parents teach, the child will imitate. An unfortunate childhood can be unraveled later, and possibly fixed. Loving care can create emotionally stable children.

When your child is having a birthday party prepare everything that makes him/ her happy but of course do not overdo so you don’t end up with spoiled child. But things like party goods such as pre filled party bags, unique balloons, costumes, decorations, party favors.

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