What kids can?

What kids can do these days is amazingly more complex than is often evident. The new generation has the world under their fingertips at the keyboard and on television. They are masters of games and technology from very young. They are able to have friendships with tens or even thousands of people worldwide before they can even drive. Nothing is completely outside of their grasp and everything is being offered to them by the world at large.

This is frustrating to parents and adults in the world today. What kids can do today is nothing like the generation before them. There are more boundaries that are being broken down morally and socially than ever before. They are aware of the world and yet still full of questions. Still there is one very important thing to remember above all else, that they are still kids.

What kids can do is not lacking in the same need for guidance and wisdom, as always. The kids of today need as much help as the kids of any time period. In these adults can rest easy, for they still have a place within kids™ lives. What kids can do, we can help them do.

Article by Tom, from http://micromed.com.au

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