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Child abuse and neglect are two of the most serious and devastating social problems in Australia, with over 30,000 children proven to suffer from abuse and neglect in the past year. Aside from the immediate problems of violence and psychological damage done to a child, the far reaching effects have a harmful effect on society as a whole. Children who grow in abusive and neglectful households have a much higher risk of turning to crime, drugs, homelessness, depression, and even suicide later in life. Read more

Children: Our Greatest Legacy

One of the greatest tragedies is when child abuse happens. Unfortunately, child abuse can be found all over the world. Child abuse shows its head in many different ways. It is not always easy to spot and yet it must be stopped. Together we can make a difference. It can begin with you.

Child abuse knows no boundaries. It happens to children born into poverty and wealth. Many children are abused at the hands of their own parents or care providers. There are many reasons for child abuse. Parents are stressed, don’t understand how to handle anger, have drug and alcohol issues and more. Children who are neglected from love, care and food are abused. It is horrific the things that happen to children. More and more we are hearing about a once silenced form of child abuse; molestation of a child. And these cruel acts often come from those closest to the child. Read more