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Cooking with kids – safety tips

kid pealing vegetable

Being a mom with a kid who hangs around the kitchen while you prepare the family meal is not always easy. Let’s say you are at the stove and the milk to which you have to mix the pudding powder has just boiled and your child has decided to hang themselves around your leg. In the next second you lose your balance, your child is laughing out loud on the floor while you watch as the milk spills over the edge of the stove. Situations like this can be very dangerous for you and for your kid but then again it doesn’t have to. Cooking while your kid is in the kitchen doesn’t have to be dangerous and if you follow the advice given in this article it can be a safe and fun experience.


Image source: http://racheltoomeh.tumblr.com/post/62372076911/assessment-2-document-6-this-pile-of-chocolate

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When adults ask kids

When adults ask kids questions about sex and love, they may not ask them in the best way to promote communication. Often adults ask kids questions with implied or indirect meanings instead of just asking the question clearly. Kids respond to questions differently if they feel they are being spoken to honestly. They also respond more honestly when the questions asked are done with direct communication. This is true with most persons in general, but kids usually will not play games with communication. That is unless it is done to them first.

More often young people will mimic what they see or feel from others. This is especially true when it comes to adults, parents and authority figures. So if you want an honest response from any modern kids, it is best that you ask an honest question. Also try not to ask things that you already know the answer to, this is a kind of manipulation and makes for threatening communication. In general remember you are the adult, so you set the tone for any communication that you have with the kids in your life.

Making yourself clear and asking what is really on your mind is usually best.
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