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Manners at Home for Kids

chocolate-creamLearning how to teach manners at home for kids is definitely essential. Your children would appreciate to know and feel that you need their help, at the same time you are also able to teach them the value of hard work and sense of accomplishment. The kitchen is always one of the best places for you to start building a better relationship with them. Instead of sending them away as you prepare your daily meals, why not invite them to help you out? They will surely be delighted and thrilled to perform various tasks, but make sure those tasks are also appropriate for their age.

Setting the table
Ask your kids to set the table for you, but of course you will need to show them first how to get it done. This way, they will learn where to place the spoons and forks, as well as the other condiments. Their creativity will also be challenged, at the same time allowing them to entertain family roles and responsibilities.

Let them do the washing
Little kids will surely enjoy washing your fruits and vegetables. Not only will they enjoy the task, but they will also learn more about the different colors and shapes. See to it that they are provided with everything they need such as a lightweight container where they can put everything after washing them. They might also need paper towels to dry them up. You can also assign them to clean the dishes and cooking utensils, just make sure that you have taught them how to do it properly.

Chopping, Stirring and Mixing
If they’re old enough, you can teach them how to chop vegetables and other ingredients that you need. They will learn how to follow instructions, while also enjoying their new skills. Aside from chopping, they can also be responsibly for mixing and stirring some of the spices. If you’re preparing a salad, ask your kids to rip up the lettuce for you.